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At the 'Copa
The City of Maricopa, AZ
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About At The 'Copa
At The 'Copa is a collaborative community blog created by and for the folks of the City of Maricopa, Arizona. All residents--past, present, and future!--are welcome, and everyone who joins can post blog entries as well as reply to entry discussion threads.

Do you have a news item to share or an article you'd like to meta? Is there a local event you're organizing or want to announce? Are you researching Maricopa for relocation? Just want to relax, get to know your neighbors, and tell us about your day?

16th-Jul-2007 02:08 pm - Glennwilde Social Committee
I've been thinking a lot about Glennwilde, and ways that I could do my part in enriching and promoting the neighborhood. We have an HOA, but the developers currently control it; the BOD won't fall to us homeowners until we're 75% built. Meanwhile, we obviously don't yet have any sub-committees: no Social Committee, no Community Newsletter, no group of nice folks to welcome people as they move in, none of that.

And people are moving into Glennwilde everyday! Wouldn't it make sense to have community activities and services in place now?

I just... I love this neighborhood, and I really want to give back to it. I believe what I'm most interested in coordinating is, in fact, a Social Committee, and further creating a newsletter, organizing neighborhood events, getting together a welcome wagon, and so forth.

BUT I don't even know where to start. Do I wait until we hit that magical 75%, and then look into forming this committee? Or is this something I could get rolling now, and simply have it folded into the HOA proper later? I understand that, in part, it comes down to a question of the HOA overseeing and funding a committee, budgeting for its activities, etc., but there sure are things my neighbors and I could do now, either free or on the cheap-cheap.

Any other Glennwilde residents want to get together on this?
15th-Jul-2007 02:41 pm - Dump Sites
So, you've moved in. You've unpacked your stuff. Now, you have all these boxes and cartons and wads of bubble wrap junking up your brand new Maricopa minimansion! There's no way you cram all this into your weekly bin!

You need to make a dump run! Try these:

Butterfield Landfill
40404 S. 99th Ave
Mobile, AZ

The Recycling Association of Maricopa
Saturdays 8:00AM-12:00PM
McDavid Road
Maricopa, AZ
14th-Jul-2007 05:43 pm - Welcome!
Welcome to At The 'Copa! This community is for residents--past, present, and prospective--of the City of Maricopa, Arizona, to connect socially as well as share local news and discuss city events. I founded At The 'Copa because there was no other online community or group like it; I certainly wished something like this was around when my family was looking at relocating.

Speaking of which... My husband and I moved here with our daughter at the end of March. We're from Sonoma County, California. Although there were certainly numerous factors that figured into our decision to move to Maricopa, the biggest of them was quality of life. In the settling dust of massive corporate layoffs and a real estate market collapsing under its own overpriced weight, my husband and I realized we were sick and tired of paying for a California zipcode without the quintessentially cliche' California fancypants lifestyle to show for it. We now live in a beautiful home in Glennwilde that's more than twice the size of our old one. We also have no mortgage and so little monthly overhead, I expect we'll soon have something my husband and I haven't had our entire marriage: savings.
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