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At the 'Copa
The City of Maricopa, AZ
Hard Rain 
23rd-Jul-2007 07:08 pm
Lightning Strike--photo by Mr. Hubby PITA Wow, man. Arizona doesn't play around when it decides to rain!

I was watching "Rachel Ray" when I had the slow, creeping realization that the den had grown very dark in the space of just a few minutes. About that time, my daughter came downstairs and said there was a mean, angry cloud coming in over part of the neighborhood.

I put ol' Rachel on pause, and went to the back door. The rain was beating down against the dirt of the backyard. We already had several large, misshapen lakes out there. I hollered for Hubby, who grabbed the video camera and shot some awesome footage of the downpour, complete with a couple lightning strikes. Meanwhile, I took still pictures.

While outside, Hubby noticed that one of the windows over at the unfinished house next door was standing open. He went over to shut it, and discovered that the damage may already have been done. Sure enough, there was a dirty puddle in the room with the open window. Unfortunately, because the roof isn't done yet (it's got its tiles sitting in big stacks), there was rain water trickling in through the rafters. Worst of all, the drywall is already in and painted. Someone is going to have a bummer of a surprise when they arrive on the site tomorrow.

I'll post the pictures later tonight. Have to get them off the camera and do some quick cropping. Trippy, fascinating weather we have here, that's for sure!
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