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At the 'Copa
The City of Maricopa, AZ
Can We All Be RED? 
21st-Jul-2007 07:14 pm
So, I was getting ready to add the Lakes at Rancho El Dorado to the list of Home Owners Associations, when it dawned on me... I don't actually know what the Lakes at Rancho El Dorado is! Is it a subdivision of R-E-D, or its own thing, like Villages at Rancho El Dorado?

Are we about to have R-E-D, V-Red, and L-Red? Man! Those people got such ginchy, netlingo-friendly shorthand names!

Hey! Do you think it's too late for Glennwilde to apply for an R-E-D designation? We could be G-Red!

Whaddup, G? I'm from G-Red! Rawr!

Can the other neighborhoods get in on the action, too? Cobblestone could be C-Red. Tortosa could be T-Red. Sorrento could be So-Red. Homestead might not want to take Ho-Red, though, or they might all get banned from the forums everytime they post about themselves. My sister over in Desert Passage could say she's in DiP-Red!

Alterra and Acacia Crossings, you guys want in? A-Red and ACk-Red! are yours!
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