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At the 'Copa
The City of Maricopa, AZ
347 Repave Begins 
27th-Jul-2007 09:04 am
Traffic on 347 Traffic on 347


ADOT started the repaving project out on 347 yesterday. They had cones up in the southbound lanes and funneled everyone into just the single fast lane a couple miles outside town.

Traffic was exquisite. When I was heading north into Chandler about 4:30PM, southbound was a bumper-to-bumper crawl from R-E-D clear on up to Riggs.

My sister and I decided to kill some time after we had dinner, so we didn't actually come back through until almost 9PM. Both southbound lanes were open again by then, but the slow lane was all chewed up for the last mile or so before town. The road surface had those deep grooves in it, you know? I hate those. My tires kept catching in that mess, and the car would suddenly yank and shimmy.

Didn't see anything happening on the other side of the highway yet.

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