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At the 'Copa
The City of Maricopa, AZ
Accident on 347 
24th-Jul-2007 01:57 pm
Ouchie There was another accident on 347 at the Rancho El Dorado intersection just before 2PM today. Isn't that the third one in a week? Hubby drove through it on his way home, and sent me this pic he took with his cell phone. He said it looked like a car turning left into R-E-D from southbound 347 got smacked by a car heading straight on the northbound side. Both cars flipped.

You know, my daughter and I talked about how fast those signal lights are just this past Sunday evening, when we were coming back from errands up in Chandler. I swear, the green arrows hardly turn green at all! They sort of... wave themselves in the general direction of green.

Be careful out there, guys. And quit racing the yellow lights!
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